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Did You Miss Me?

Hello again fellow WPers! It’s been quite a while and I see WP has gone through some changes (RIP Feedback request).

Let me catch you up on life the fastest way I know….using bullet points!

  • I got a new job! (Yay!)
  • I gained some weight (boo)
  • I’ve started to lose weight again! (Yay!)
  • I scratched Hawaii off the bucket list
  • I’m about to celebrate 5 years happily married!
  • We got a dog! (She’s the featured image of this post…say hi!)

It’s been 3 years since my last post and I’m still not sure what the theme of my blog will be, but at least I’m back. (For now at least)


Day 15: Random Life Event Poem

Remember that one time I made a poll asking what you guys like to read about on my blog? Well it turns out y’all are pretty much split between poetry and random life events. So I decided to combine both in one post. Enjoy! Continue reading “Day 15: Random Life Event Poem”

Loot Crate September 2015 Unboxing!

Got a special delivery in the mail yesterday! It was the September Loot Crate so naturally I had to film an unboxing video. Click play on the video above and enjoy!

Catch Up Post Day 6: My Writing Place(s)

I have many nooks and crannies I call my writing space. Luckily, with technology I don’t always even have to have a pen and paper. I can get by with just my smartphone if I need to! Continue reading “Catch Up Post Day 6: My Writing Place(s)”

Day 11: My Toys

(Image above of Deadpool vinyl figure I bought at Vinyl Thoughts, art piece created by Holden Hostetler)

I’ve been called a Jack of all trades. I think that’s a good thing because I get to explore many things, including hobbies that don’t have much to do with writing. Continue reading “Day 11: My Toys”

Day 5: I’ll finish this post….some day

It’s easy to start a project and say you’ll finish it some day. I do it all the time. Continue reading “Day 5: I’ll finish this post….some day”

Day 4: The Wolf

We had been staring at each other for who knows how long. It’s dark brown eyes were unwavering, but I could sense there was a hint of fear behind them. I wonder if it got the same feeling I got when I first spotted it.

Continue reading “Day 4: The Wolf”

Day 3: Home away from home

They say home is where the heart is.
But sometimes we live life,
from point A to point B.
Forgetting the love in front of us in all that strife. Continue reading “Day 3: Home away from home”

Day 2: Top 10 Songs Spotify Recommended and I actually like

I love listening to music. It helps me focus and get inspired when working on new projects. Growing up I listened to bands like Yellowcard, Linkin Park, and My Chemical Romance. In those days, people gave each other burned CDs from music downloaded through the worst kept secret, Napster. Continue reading “Day 2: Top 10 Songs Spotify Recommended and I actually like”

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