Remember that one time I made a poll asking what you guys like to read about on my blog? Well it turns out y’all are pretty much split between poetry and random life events. So I decided to combine both in one post. Enjoy!

The Big Apple

The sun has gone to bed,
but Times Square is still a-roaring.
You can feel the lighting in the air,
As vacationers go exploring.

It’s my first time in the Big Apple,
but I hit the streets without even one plan.
There are people taking selfies,
oh and there goes Spider-man!

The subways routes are so intimidating,
but I take a deep breath and remember that spark.
I hop on the ‘C’ train,
I think that it will take me to Central Park.

My trip is sadly coming to an end.
I slowly pack my bags wishing I could stay.
See ya later Lady Liberty,
don’t worry I’ll come visit again one day!