I have many nooks and crannies I call my writing space. Luckily, with technology I don’t always even have to have a pen and paper. I can get by with just my smartphone if I need to!

At home, my writing space is basically my couch. I sit at my desk all day at work so it’s nice to come home and just put my laptop on my lap and type away. Not having a desk lets me feel relaxed and comfortable.

When I am on the go, or I have an idea that pops to mind and I’m away from my computer, I will usually pull out my phone and quickly jot something down as a reminder when I do finally get back home. I very rarely actually post anything from my phone. I like having a bigger screen to edit, but without my phone there are a zillion ideas I’m sure I would forget about.

I started this blog as a way to sort out my thoughts, but even so they some times get a little scattered, so I wanted to learn a little more about my reader’s interests. What is it about my blog that you guys like? I want to keep my readers entertained so if you could take a moment to fill out the poll below it’d be greatly appreciated! Or if you’re more of the commenting type feel free to leave feedback that way as well!