I love listening to music. It helps me focus and get inspired when working on new projects. Growing up I listened to bands like Yellowcard, Linkin Park, and My Chemical Romance. In those days, people gave each other burned CDs from music downloaded through the worst kept secret, Napster.

This made music exploration hard for me since we didn’t have a computer at home (yes in the 90’s we could survive without being connected 24/7), and my friends and I pretty much all listened to the same thing.

With the advancements in music streaming services like Spotify, I’ve been able to do some more exploring and have even added tons of new artists to my playlists. Recently they launched a weekly playlist that is supposed to be catered to you based on other playlists you’ve created and music you have starred. Personally I think it works very well!

So without further delay, blow are the Top 10 Songs Spotify recommended that I actually liked! (In no particular order)