Holy crap everyone! We all know The Walking Dead likes to throw some curve balls in the violence department and it shouldn’t surprise anyone anymore that not even main characters are safe from becoming walker chowder. If you have read the comic books, last night’s episode probably did not come as that big of a surprise, but damn if it wasn’t intense anyway.

Huge spoilers from here on out so if you are not caught up, get out of here right now! You’ve been warned so here we go…

Last night’s episode starts off with something TWD does great, voiceless intro segments. Someone is boiling some water (gas stoves still work apparently) and we hear Lizzie laughing and running outside. To our horror we learn that she’s playing tag with a walker.


This week’s episode focuses on Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, Mica, and baby Judith. The group is making its way to Terminus. In episodes leading up to “The Grove” we have discovered that Lizzie has a few screws loose: she gives walkers names, kills squirrels for fun, and almost suffocated baby Judith! Well in this episode, all her remaining screws come completely undone.

Mica also has her own set of problems that worries Carol. Mica has no problem killing walkers but she admits she has no plans of ever killing a living person, or a deer for dinner for that matter. Carol repeatedly tries to remind her that this is a different world and being willing to kill is the price they must pay to survive. She compares Mica to her own daughter Sophia in that neither have “a mean bone in [their] body”, and we all know how that ended for Sophia.

Meanwhile, Tyreese is battling his own demons as he cannot let go of his dead kind of girlfriend Karen. Carol on the other hand is struggling with her secret that it was her who killed Karen. She has to watch Tyreese suffer and both Mica and Lizzie come undone as they cannot come to terms with the post-apocalyptic world they live in. She doesn’t want to see them become Sophia.


Eventually they come to an abandoned cabin where the group can rest. The home takes us back to a time before walkers. There they are a big happy family with a recliner for dad (Tyreese) and a kitchen so mom (Carol) can teach her daughters how to cook (again…the gas stove is still working??). It is here that we learn how far gone Lizzie really is.


Things start out small as she convinces Tyreese not to kill a walker that is immobilized by missing legs. She later comes back and feeds it rats, even almost letting it chew on her hand so she can become one of them.

Later when her sister saves her from old man walker, she grieves for the walker and admits to Carol that she isn’t scared, but sad that he ‘died’. Then we are brought back to the intro segment where she is playing ‘tag’ with a walker. Carol barely saves her from getting bitten and she completely goes off on Carol even asking her how she would like it if she killed Carol.


Where is a therapist when you need one, am I right? Things quickly escalate from there though. When a group of some crispy walkers attack Lizzie and Mica, we are lead to believe she has finally accepted that walkers aren’t alive. After they dispatch the walkers, she even tells Carol she now understands what she must do. Boy is Carol going to regret not asking her the specifics of what it is she thinks she ‘must do’.


When Carol and Tyreese come back from a heart to heart in the woods, they find Lizzie has killed her sister. Her big plan was to turn her (and baby Judith if they had been a minute later) into a walker. Carol and Tyreese are rightfully horrified.

Fun fact: Lizzie tells Carol and Tyreese, “don’t worry, she’ll come back. I didn’t hurt her brain.” Fans of the comics may recognize the line came directly from the comic’s version of Lizzie, Ben!


They try to finish the job before Mica turns, but Lizzie pulls a gun on them. After a short stand off they convince her to give up the gun by promising not to do anything to Mica until she ‘wakes up’.

They send Lizzie to her room while they decide what to do with her. Carol suggests separating and having her watch Lizzie, but they decide neither of them would survive on their own. They also know they can’t keep Lizzie around because she will continue to kill.

Once again Carol is left to make the hard decision. She knows Lizzie can’t be fixed and has to think of the greater good of the group. Carol takes Lizzie, who begins to cry because she thinks Carol is mad for yelling at her, to the yard and kills her.


Carol finally breaks down and confesses to Tyreese that it was her who killed Karen. Maybe because he knows they need to stick together to survive or because he realizes not every decision is easy, but he decides to forgive her. They bury their dead and then head back out to Terminus.


This week’s episode of TWD gave us some much needed closure on several things. We discovered it was Lizzie who was feeding rats to the walkers in the prison as well as the one who dissected the rat and pinned it to the wall.

Carol also finally confessed to Tyreese that she killed Karen. Tyreese was able to confront her killer and actually had some time to cool down and analyze things instead of acting on impulse like we saw him do in earlier episodes. This also gave Carol a chance to tell him herself instead of having someone else tell him first. Plus you could tell it was starting to add weight to her shoulders.

Check out a sneak peek of next week’s episode of The Walking Dead below