Back in December, The Walking Dead‘s midseason finale left us wondering what would happen to our beloved group of post-apocalyptic survivors after the Governor destroyed their prison-fort. The group was separated and some of them weren’t doing so good.

If you were hoping to get an answer for everyone in the gang last night, then you’re out of luck. We did learn the fate of three characters though: Rick, Carl, and Michonne.

Spoilers from here on out!

The episode picks up right after the Governor’s attack on the prison. It has been abandoned and overrun by zombies. There has been speculation that the Governor would be making an appearance in the second half of the season, but it was just to show that he is indeed dead after Lilly gives him a bullet to the head.

Michonne sticks around just long enough to get herself two new zombie pets. She also finishes off Hershel who’s head has reanimated after the Governor mercilessly decapitated him.

Elsewhere, Rick and Carl are desperately trying to find shelter. Rick isn’t doing too well after getting shot in the leg, taking a beating from the Governor, and finding out baby Judith is seemingly dead. Carl, like any other teenager his age, is mad at the world for everything that has happened and decides to take out on the only person around, his father.

After finding some food at a snack shop and taking care of a walker (which Carl shoots despite Rick telling him not to), Rick and Carl find a house to hole up in for a while. In the house we are briefly reminded that Carl is still a kid when he finds what looks to be a guy’s bedroom. He finds a flatscreen television with a game system and he gets that look every guy gets when they get a new console. It quickly fades as he realizes the HDMI cable can be used to secure the front entrance.

The Walking Dead - Image courtesy AMC
Image courtesy AMC

Rick finally passes out from his injuries and Carl is left to kill some time on his own.

It was great to get some insight into Michonne’s past (She was a mom!). Even if it was a pretty weird scene. It helps explain why she was on her own when she first ran into the group and why she decides not to follow the tracks she finds when she makes it to the same road Rick and Carl crossed earlier. She’s been part of two (or maybe even three) camps that end up the same, everyone dead and Michonne on her own.

Back in town Carl comes very very close to being walker meat not once but twice! The first time he is trying to lead two walkers away from the house and manages to back right into a walker. Through some lucky shots he manages to escape as he arrogantly proclaims, “I win.”

The Walking Dead - Image courtesy of AMC
Image courtesy of AMC

His second encounter with a walker comes when he is searching a house for supplies. He haphazardly decides to open the only closed door in the house. Come on! Hasn’t he learned yet that closed doors equal trouble?!

He ends up using up all his bullets before he can get in a good head shot (Earlier his dad warned him he’d regret using the bullet on the snack shop walker and guess what…). Luckily for Carl, he was fighting off the worst walker on Earth and is able to lock him back in the room without a scratch. In the end he chows down on 112 ounces of chocolate pudding. (Seriously, I’m not the only one who thinks he definitely would have been bitten in real life?)

At this point, Michonne is battling her own inner demons. She has joined a horde of walkers and begins to lose it when she sees a walker who looks very similar to her. Eventually she explodes and takes out the whole mess of zombies. Probably realizing she’d rather be around other people than to survive alone and become as lifeless as the walkers around her, she back tracks to the road where she first sees the footsteps.

The Walking Dead - Image courtesy of AMC
Image courtesy of AMC

Carl and Rick finally make up during a scare where Carl thinks Rick has died and turned into a walker. He realizes he’s not as strong or as grown as he would like to think when he can’t bring himself to shoot ‘walker’ Rick. To Carl’s relief, Rick is okay and he admits he needs his father. Once Rick is able to sit up, they have a heart to heart talk and get everything out in the open.

In the end, Michonne is able to follow Rick and Carl’s trail and they are reunited.

What did you think of last night’s episode of The Walking Dead? Did it leave more to be desired or was the ending tied up too neatly? Leave us a comment below!