Holy cow, I can’t believe I went a whole year ignoring my blog! Sorry about that folks. To be fair though, 2013 was a pretty busy year for me. I’ll take this time to present “My 2013 in review!” (I’ll do it Buzzfeed list style to keep things interesting)

  1. After getting my wisdom teeth pulled, I have gone over a year without an ear infection, yay!Wisdom Teeth x-ray
  2. I completed my first round of Insanity and actually saw some progress! (Which reminds me I need to get back at it)883251_4343104985746_1880824303_o
  3. My Chemical Romance broke up! Okay so that one wasn’t about me personally, but I was (and still am) pretty bummed especially since they broke up around my birthday. I made a playlist to help me endure (hopefully temporary) hiatus.

  4. I turned a quarter of a century!27033_10100177711311980_1891237_n
  5. And last but certainly not least, I got married to the love of my life in November!664301_10201256815332361_1926653290_o

Well that was fun now, wasn’t it? I have a ton of shows loaded up on my DVR so expect a lot more TV show recaps, some live blogging (on the rare occasion that I get to watch a show when it actually comes out), and reviews so stayed tuned!