This Friday I finally had those pesky wisdom teeth of mine removed. I’ve been lucky in that my recovery hasn’t been as bloddy as friends and family described it to be (the bleeding stopped after just a few hours!). It has been pretty painful though, which is to be expected since they had to cut into my jaw to remove the bottom two. Check out the x-ray, one of my wisdom teeth was 90 degrees sideways!

Because of the pain medication, I’ve been basically stuck at home since I can’t drive while on it. In that time I decided to bust out the DIY Foomi I got for Christmas, and take a crack at my second vinyl toy. Because of it’s spiky top, I figured it was close enough to make a good Sonic the Hedgehog model!

Foomi DIY BoxAs some of you already know, I’ve only made one other custom vinyl toy before this one. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and get some (minimal) sculpting involved this time! For the Spider-man Munny, I just painted directly on the Munny figurine since I knew drawing the webs would be enough of a challenge for my first design.

Spider-man MunnyFor Sonic, I knew I wanted to include three iconic Sonic features: his pointy ears, his curvy eye lids and that silly grin nose that gives him attitude. The scariest part was removing the ears from the Foomi. Once I took that step there was no going back. Before hacking away, I did some research and found online that you can easy soften up the vinyl toys by using a hair dryer.

Sonic Foomi
After I cut off the ears, I covered them in modeling clay and shaped them.

After cutting off his ears, I was surprised to find there were holes right underneath the ears so I had to figure out how to cover that up. Since I had modeling clay that I was going to use for the ears, his mouth and eye lids, I decided to use that to cover the holes. It sort of did the job, but for future toys I will need to find something that smoothens out better. I’m open for any reader suggestions!

Sonic Foomi
I used modeling clay for his ears, tail, eye lids, mouth, and nose

After cutting up the ears and shaping his face. It was just a matter of priming him up, painting him and glueing all the pieces into place.

Sonic Foomi

One other problem I kept running into was that the white acrylic paint kept cracking for some reason. I’m not sure if why it kept doing that, but it was the only color that was giving me that problem. After 5 or 6 coats it finally smoothed out a bit. I’ll have to do some more research.

Sonic Foomi
Sonic is done and ready to join Spider-Munny

After drying over night and a protective coating. Sonic is ready to join the fellas.

Sonic Foomi