Hello Governor! Last night on The Walking Dead we finally met the Governor, one of the most anticipated TWD characters for fans of the comic book series. If the rest of the season is headed in this direction, you can count me in!

Spoilers from here on out.

‘Walk with Me’ gives us a break from Rick and the gang at the prison to focus on Andrea (Laurie Holden) and Michonne (Danai Gurira). They are witness to the mysterious helicopter crash we’ve been seeing all over teasers leading up to the season 3 premiere. Fans of the comic series were probably hoping they would get to that part of the story sooner than later, and the writers didn’t disappoint.

The Walking Dead Episode 3 - Walk with Me

A still sick Andrea, Michonne, and her pet zombie carefully approach the helicopter wreckage. Andrea, coughing her lungs out, is exhausted from all the traveling they’ve been doing, so she sits this one out as Michonne goes in to check for survivors. She finds that the crew is apparently dead (one poor guy got torn in half on the way down), but before she can search all the bodies a caravan of old trucks with armed men arrive. Michonne and Andrea decide to observe the men hidden from a distance as they check out the wreckage.

The men, lead by the Governor (David Morrissey) search the helicopter. The men find that the pilot has survived the crash and they carry him away. Presumably loading him onto their truck. “He’s saving them. We should show ourselves,” whispers Andrea to Michonne. To which Michonne replies, “Not yet.” This theme of trust will come up several times through out the episode.

This is where we get the greatest walker scene of the episode (the most gruesome at least) as our dismembered friend has reanimated.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3: Walk with Me

The Governor takes care of this one himself. Andrea and Michonne watch on in confusion (remember, they don’t know we’re all infected yet) as The Governor stabs the walker with a large hunting knife. Possibly seeing all their buddies get taken out, Michonne’s pet zombies start getting rattled up. In a last ditch effort to keep from bringing attention to themselves, Michonne slices their heads off using her katana.

They’re almost home safe when someone sneaks up behind them. To Andrea’s surprise (that shocked expression on her face when she realizes who it is was priceless!), it’s Merle (Michael Rooker) – and he doesn’t seem to miss his hand at all.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3: Walk with MeAndrea and Michonne are brought back to Woodbury to get Andrea some medical attention (though they really didn’t have a choice, did they?). Merle and Andrea play catch up where they discuss all the people who have died and the changes Daryl has made to become a valuable member of the group. “He’s always been the sweet one, my baby brother,” is all Merle has to say about that.

Despite initial resistance, Andrea quickly comes to see Woodbury as a safe haven after learning that the blockaded town hasn’t had a death pretty much all winter. I’m sure The Governor’s hospitality also had something to do with it after telling Andrea and Michonne that they are guests (despite having guards outside their room at all times) and can leave whenever they want.

The next day, we find out the pilot has woken up. The Governor is the first one on the scene playing good host. The pilot informs The Governor that his group has plenty of weapons, but are quickly running out of food so his smaller group was scouting ahead. The Governor reassures the pilot that he can bring his men to Woodbury where they’ll be well taken care of, all he asks is that he trust him enough to give him their location.

In a secret-looking lab, The Governor, Merle, and their scientist friend, Milton (Dallas Roberts) are examining Michonne’s zombies. Milton gets excited at her ingenuity of cutting the arms and jaws off the walkers to turn them “docile”….or “lurkers” as The Governor prefers. The stench of the zombies has helped Michonne stay low-key for so long.

This scene chilled me to my bones. Merle, as you remember him in season one has been transformed by The Governor into an obedient child. That just says something about the type of person The Governor is going to turn out to be if he can control a racist crazy man like Merle.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3: Walk with MeThis is where we start seeing the parallels between Rick and The Governor. They are both leaders of their group who are willing to do anything for their people. But unlike Rick, does The Governor take it too far? And has he gone off the edge?

The Governor goes to meet with the pilot’s people and massacres them before they even know what is going on. At one point he begins to bash the head in of one of the men. His comrades (in particular Glenn Jr., as I’m calling him) give him uneasy looks, but they do not question his methods.

When they get back to the camp, he gives a hell of a speech to keep his group’s morale up. He ends his speech by telling them, “we’ll honor their sacrifice by not taking what we have here for granted…be thankful for what you have and watch out for each other.” Just like Rick, he does what he thinks he needs to in order to survive. The difference being that his moral compass is broken.

We get definite confirmation that The Governor has lost it when he gets home. He unlocks a secret lair in which we see he has the heads of walkers in a wall of fish tanks. A trophy case to which he has added Michonne’s pets and the pilot.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3: Walk with Me