Earlier this week, Urban Vinyl Daily posted a sneak preview of Shadoe Delgado‘s piece for Vinyl Thoughts 3. It’s a TMNT inspired toy of Donatello! As exciting as last year’s video game theme was, I can’t but be even more excited about this year’s show. Especially after seeing this:

Vinyl Toy by Shadoe Delgado

I’m going to be keeping an eye out for this one for sure. I think it would look nice next to my Super Mario Ten-Doh.

On their Facebook page, Vinyl Thoughts has also posted the prize that their sponsor, Yelp, will be raffling away this year. This year the artist decided to incorporate their maps feature and the red markers used on their service.

Yelp's Vinyl Toy for Vinyl Thoughts 3

So far it looks like the producers of Vinyl Thoughts have got some good things lined up for us! If you are in Dallas I highly recommend checking the show out.