The London Olympics have come and passed and Twitter seems a bit empty as it recovers from the madness. I’m not a hardcore Olympics fan, but I do have my favorite events (soccer, archery, and gymnastics to name a few). This year I felt somewhat out of the loop though. You see, I’m not a cable subscriber, never have been since I don’t watch much TV. Unfortunately, despite all the technology we have, NBC decided to make that a requirement to get access to live feeds.

London Olympics 2012
London Olympics 2012 (Photo credit: Andrea Vascellari)

As a result, I turned to Twitter, Facebook, and blogs to keep up with all the Olympics news. It wasn’t the same as getting to sit down and watch the US women’s soccer team take the gold, or watching Mexican gymnast Elsa Garcia’s routine to Legend of Zelda on TV.

Social media definitely played a big role in this year’s Olympics. Not only for us as viewers, but for the athletes as well. Many athletes spoke their mind on Twitter not realizing the world was watching them…I guess? That led to athletes being banned for this, and we can’t forget this. With social media putting celebrities under a microscope, not even world renowned athletes could avoid the spotlight.

This Olympics was a learning experience for all and will shape the way future Olympics are broadcast on television (or not) and the way athletes and viewers interact with one another.

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